Angular 2 third party libraries

The Reactive Extensions for JavaScript: Managing state in Angular 2 using rxjs (Note: Angular 2 comes coupled with RxJS) For more details see The introduction to Reactive Programming you’ve been missing

Introducing angular2-jwt: A Library for Angular 2 Authentication

Angular 2 authentication with Auth0 and NodeJS (April , 2016)



A2 Routing links and notes

Getting started with Angular’s Router by Google’s Todd Motto (February, 2017)

Working with Angular 2 Router – Part 1 and  Working with Angular 2 Router – Part 2 by Carlos Tarborda (Early winter 2016)

Angular Router: Preloading Modules by Viktor Savkin (October, 2016)

Angular Router: Understanding redirects by Viktor Savkin (October, 2016)

Resolving route data in Angular 2 by Pascal Precht (October, 2016)

Angular 2: Working with auxiliary routes by Yakov Fain (August, 2016)

Angular 2: Guarding routes by Yakov Fain (July, 2016)

Protecting routes using guards in Angular 2 by Pascal Precht (July, 2016)

Angular Router: Empty paths, componentless routes, and redirects by Viktor Savkin (July, 2016)

Upgrading to the new Angular 2 router by Soós Gábor (June, 2016)) “The big change with the new router is that routing configuration is no longer bound to a specific component, instead it is accessible as a provider.”

Routing in Angular 2 revisited by Pascal Precht (June, 2016) NOTE: Pascal writes “Just recently, the Angular team announced yet another version of the new router, in which they considered all the gathered feedback from the community. …In this article we want to take a first look at the new and better APIs“.

Angular 2 Router by Viktor Savkin (June, 2016) NOTE: This article also takes into account the new version of the router.

QuickStart to Routing – references Tour of Heroes (Papa, February, 2016)

Angular 2 Router: High-Level Overview by author Yakov Fain

Yakov Fain’s Angular 2: Passing Data to Routes

AngularConnect Conference videos – October, 2015 links