Angular 2 via ASP.NET Core 1.0/Visual Studio 2015

Running AngularJS 2.0 unit tests in Visual Studio – Author suggests using VS is simpler than dealing with Karma and Node.js. The Chutzpah VS extension uses Jasmine (April, 2016)

Cross-platform Single Page Applications with ASP.NET Core 1.0, Angular 2 & TypeScript (January, 2016) Long, gets rave reviews in comments section…

Starting Angular 2 in ASP.NET 5 with TypeScript using Visual Studio 2015 (January, 2016) NOTE – ASP.NET Core 1.0 was previously called ASP.NET 5

Also: .NET Core 5 is now .NET Core 1.0 and Entity Framework 7 is now Entity Framework Core 1.0 or EF Core 1.0 colloquially.



Angular 2 Components & UI related

Angular 2 Transclusion using ng-content by Jecelyn Yeen (November, 2016)

Angular 2: Component communication with events vs callbacks by Yakov Fain (October, 2016)

Component Interaction cookbook

Component relative paths in Angular 2 AND the dreaded, frustrating 404 component-loading errors by Thomas Burleson,, June, 2016

The following is from a Yakov Fain April, 2016 article: (The article is a high level summary of his class I took.)

Libraries of UI Components – At the time of this writing there are several libraries of the UI components that you can use with Angular 2 applications:

  • PrimeNG – a library of Angular 2 UI components by the creators of PrimeFaces (a popular library used with JavaServer Faces framework).
  • Wijmo 5 – a commercial library of Angular 2 UI components. You have to purchase developer’s licenses to use it.
  • Polymer – a library of nice looking extendable components by Google. At our company we’ve managed to create a pilot Angular 2 app that uses Polymer components, but the integration of the two leaves room for improvement.
  • Material Design 2 – a library of UI components being developed at Google specifically for Angular 2. Currently this library is in early Alpha, but development is pretty active, and I expect to see a couple of dozen well designed UI components in the upcoming three to four months.
  • NG-Lightning – a library of Angular 2 components and directives written from scratch in TypeScript using the Lightning Design System CSS framework.

All the Ways to Add CSS to Angular 2 Components (March 2016)

Component events with EventEmitter and “Output” in Angular 2 by Todd Motto (March 2016)

Developing a tabs component in Angular 2 by Pascal Precht (February, 2016)

Learning Angular 2: Creating a tabs component by Juri Strumpflohner …A follow up on thoughtram’s excellent article (above) on creating a tabs components with Angular 2. (February, 2016)