Angular 2 – 2.0 Final, RC 6, and RC 5

List of Thoughtram articles leading up to Angular 2 Final release by Pascal Precht (September, 2016)

ng2 Final – QA with key people Igor, Rob, Brad, by Juri Strumpflohner (September, 2016)

Starting an Angular 2 RC.6 project by Yakov Fain (September, 2016)

Updating Your Angular 2 App From RC4 to RC5: A Practical Guide by Jaime Vintharas (August, 2016) Useful post AND comments about modules (HttpModule is what I was curious about) and how import statements change from rc4 to rc5 to accommodate NgModule concept.

The Code sample on github (Updated to rc5 in August, 2016)

Angular 2 JumpStart with TypeScript by Dan Wahlin (Updated August, 2016)


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