Angular 2 Internationalization of content

I18n And Ahead Of Time Compilation (AoT) In Angular by Torgeir Helgevold (December, 2016)


Angular 2 – NgModule and Compilation

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Updating Your Angular 2 App From RC4 to RC5: A Practical Guide by Jaime Vintharas (August, 2016) Useful post AND comments about modules (HttpModule is what I was curious about) and how import statements change from rc4 to rc5 to accommodate NgModule concept.

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Angular 2 RC5 – NgModules, Lazy Loading and AoT compilation

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Angular Modules (NgModules) have landed in Angular RC5!

Just in Time (JIT) Compilation – good choice during development

Ahead of Time (AOT) Compilation – Ahead of Time compiled applications benefit from decreased load time and increased performance

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Barrel Issues (July, 2016):