A2 Tools & Task runners

Angular CLI: Speed up installing dependencies with Yarn by Yakov Fain (November, 2016)

Angular2 Webpack Starter (February 2016) An Angular 2 starter kit featuring Angular 2 (Router, Forms, Http, Services, Tests, E2E), Karma, Protractor, Jasmine, Istanbul, TypeScript, Typings, and Webpack by AngularClass.

libraries.io – Look for npm packages and other tools in here – it monitors 1,152,561 open source libraries across 29 different package managers (as of January, 2016)

Cory House: Why I Left Gulp and Grunt for npm Scripts (January 2016) and its Hacker News comments

Introduction to npm as a Build Tool – Pluralsight 1h 37m course


Keith Circel: Why we should stop using Grunt & Gulp (late 2014)

Keith Circel: How to Use npm as a Build Tool (late 2014)

Creating an Angular 2 build with Gulp, TSLINT AND DefinitleyTyped

Yakov Fain: Starting an Angular 2 project with TypeScript and JSPM

Yakov Fain’s Toolbox of the Angular 2 Developer

John Papa’s gulp-patterns

Generating AngularJS production files with Gulp (October, 2015)

Gulp vs Grunt. Why one? Why the Other? (January, 2015)

live-server – simple development (Javascript node) http server with live reload capability