Angular 2 Quickstart

Angular QuickStart Source – This repository holds the TypeScript source code of the quickstart, the foundation for most of the documentation samples and potentially a good starting point for your application.

It’s been extended with testing support so you can start writing tests immediately.

This is not the perfect arrangement for your application. It is not designed for production. It exists primarily to get you started quickly with learning and prototyping in Angular.

We are unlikely to accept suggestions about how to grow this QuickStart into something it is not. Please keep that in mind before posting issues and PRs.

Angular 2 Directives

Angular 4 Directives Overview by Gareth Dunne, April, 2017 NOTE: Not much has changed in terms of directives for Angular 4 so this post will be a general directive overview mentioning Angular 4 directive changes where appropriate.

The Power of Structural Directives in Angular by Netanel Basal (March, 2017)

3 Types of Angular Directives and When to Use Them (a) Components, (b) Structural Directives, and (c) Attribute Directives – by Carlos Taborda (November, 2016)