Importing part of rxjs

If we import all of rxjs/Rx it loads a huge amount of code.

We likely only need some of it. The 3 other circled imports allow us to load only what we need (in addition to Observable and Observer.)

2017-04-04 11_13_20-administrators-data.service.ts - Angular-JumpStart-master-sox030102017 - Visual


ng-conf 2017 Part I

Favorite talks:

Rob talks about ‘content first’ sites and how to speed them up around the 20 minute mark or so (above video).

The above video should also be good for developing sites like HockeyBias in Angular.

Auguray Debugging tool mentioned by Papa – Injector Graph, Component Tree (and Router Tree) look cool. Can change variables’ values for testing.

He also likes writing to console and stepping through code in Google Dev tools.

Ultimate Angular 2 work shop – Wahlin & Papa – SlidesLabs Angular and TypeScript

JumpStart example by Wahlin – referenced on and off during workshop

  • Lots of template-driven forms throughout, but…
  • An example of Reactive Forms exists in LoginModule and LoginComponent code. Papa prefers Reactive Forms, but is not crazy about Forms in general. On the other hand, Deborah Kurata likes Reactive Forms more and has a pluralsite course about them.

They talked about ‘ng new’ (CLI) setting up karma unit testing and how easy that is opposed to using karma any other way. Also mentioned ‘ng lint’ and other ‘awesome’ CLI features.

Praised brand new (an hour ago) Angular Language Service – only works with VS Code at this point.

Fishing – Questions (and answers) for Erik of Tenkara Guides

  • Tenkara Bum notes recommends a level line a bit shorter than rod with 3′ of tippet. Get Erik’s thoughts. Erik likes line length of rod or 1.5 x length or rod with a 1 meter tippet. Note: If I pinch line with left fingers and arm stretched out to side, one meter is almost to my right armpit – within an inch or two.
  • Fluorocarbon line better? All level lines are flouro.
  • When to use 2.5, 3.5, or 4.5 level line? 4.5 is easier to cast, but heaviness interferes with drift. He suggested 3.5
  • Regarding rods, what are 7:3 and 6:4 references referring to? I forgot to ask, but here’s a link: Tenkara rod action
  • Doe Erik ever use Japanese wet flies and techniques? Yes.

Tenkara casting advice from Tenkara Guides’Erik Ostrander

Tenkara casting avice from Erik Ostrander of Tenkara Guides

A) Watch videos of ‘Masami Sakakibara, aka Tenkara no-Oni‘. He has very good technique.

B) “Align your bones” from thumb through shoulder – think of a straight line from wrist to shoulder. Doing so will require less wrist-flicking to cast well. Thumb will almost point at your body.

C) Tenkara casting practice instructions from Erik:

1) Add the following to rod:
– Level line that is length of rod, 3′ of tippet, and a fly
2) Cast repeatedly until you can consistantly have fly hit the ground/water first
3) Repeat with level line 150% the length of the rod
4) Repeat with level line 200% the length of the rod
5) Aim at a plate, aim at the underside of your car.